You know things are going to get interesting when performance artists get pregnant. Enter: Marni Kotak, who is making Bushwick's Microscope Gallery her very own maternity ward... and you're invited. Kotak is ready to deliver her spawn sometime over the next six weeks, and starting tomorrow will be on display to all, eventually giving birth in front of a live audience. You can read more about the project, called the Birth of Baby X, right here (and on the chance you're left craving more, the Village Voice recently interviewed the artist.)

Over the next month, Kotak "will often be present in the gallery preparing mentally and physically for the event, which will be assisted by a mid-wife and doula. The exhibit also includes videos of related performances... Remnants from the final days of pregnancy and the birth will be added to the exhibition as it progresses."

We urge you to go, and donate money for this child's future therapy.