Remember back in December when the Post took a look at the faux-nightclub for teens, Crush? And then how Gawker had its fun ripping apart excruciatingly irritating promoter, Lizzie Grubman's "16-year-old socialite-private-school-jappy-spoiled-Upper-East-Side intern," Lexi Lehman?

Well, get ready for round two.

Tomorrow's Sunday Styles catches up with the Post with its own story on teen nightlife. First off the Times stops by Crush, where it doesn't sound like business is doing so hot ("we're still working out the kinks," says the owner). And in case you were worried, Lexi is still around giving out sweet sound bites (when "describing the migratory hangout pattern of her peers, she said: 'We go to a friend's house. Or you see groups of kids wandering up and down Park Avenue at night.") After Ms. Lehman, the Times introduces the world to the seemingly anti-Lexi, Odetta Hartman. Heir to the Two Boots empire, Ms. Hartman has been organizing "First Friday" variety shows for and by the under-21 set at her poppa's newest venue Mo Pitkin's. And unlike Crush, her shows sound like they are doing just fine. Do we smell an inter-school cat fight?

Of course, when we were in high school we were just happy if the cops didn't show up and our parties broke even on the kegs, but maybe that's just us. Which is to say, ugh. We feel old.

Photograph by Hiroko Masuike for the New York Times.