200803prada.jpgThis doesn't happen in New York all too often: the reading glasses pictured were found on March 21st on Prospect Park West, and the person who found them decided to practice some internet chivalry rather than cash in on the brand name spectacles.

The knight in shining armor (or rather, running gear) wonders if too many Cinderellas will come forward to try on the glass slipper.

In theory we should only receive a single e-mail claiming ownership — the chances of two people losing their Prada glasses outside of the park on the single day seem as possible as being eaten by a shark and hit by lightning on the same day — and we’ll be happy to return them. If we do get more than one reply, we will ask for an approximate (or exact) confirmation of the prescription; we will stop by our local optometrist later today to get them “appraised.”

Are they yours? There are more details here. Prada reading glasses go for about $150, without lenses. If too many come forward, a reading test may be in order!