via David Weiner's Twitter

The Seinfeld gang saw plenty of movies during their time, nearly all of them fictional, some of them repeated throughout the series' run—most commonly: Rochelle Rochelle. You know, the story of "a young girl's strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk," which later became a Bette Midler musical:

A couple of months ago someone created artwork for the show's films, and now street artist Jayshells has taken it one step further—last weekend he put up Rochelle Rochelle movie posters on the Upper East Side. The credits line of the poster contains references to and quotes about the film made during the show:

Photo via Jayshells

The posters were put up at United Artists theater on 2nd Avenue near East 64th Street, and according to DNAInfo more may be on the way for the show's other fictional titles. And did you notice that it's the real design used on the show? Here's George returning the "foreign movie, a film is what it is actually" to the video store:


Previously Jayshells has treated the city with location-based rap lyric signs, etiquette street signs, and those glorious subway etiquette signs.