Have you all been enjoying that MoMA installation (ad campaign) at the Atlantic/Pacific stop in Brooklyn? Well, it just got a little bit Picasso on us, so you may want to take another look. NYMag reports that Poster Boy and Aakash Nihalani have altered the classic works. However, there is

question as to whether

proof this "vandalism," that took place this past Saturday at 2 a.m., was all part of the master plan.

HappyCorp—who created the MoMA campaign—were on site documenting the alterations, and even threw an on-site fashion show following their completion. Doug Jaeger, CEO of HappyCorp, told the site that he's nervous about MoMA's response, but that "Early on we saw Poster Boy's work, and we realized it was inevitable that if we did this project, his crew would likely see it as an opportunity. Whenever you create something, you want to make sure you're prepared for that. But if someone who is getting acclaim as an artist does something to your campaign, does it make it less valuable or more valuable?"

MoMA's Kim Mitchel has confirmed some of the vandalized ads were taken down yesterday, and will be replaced tomorrow, but "Beyond that, MoMA will have no comment." See more photos of the now-vanished mash-ups here. [via FreeWilliamsburg]

UPDATE: Doug Jaeger tells us, "I was in the subway that night for sure. It was clear to me that night that Poster Boy is not one person. I think that NYMag makes it sound like I know them—I met them, but I don't know them."