As pointed out by the LA Times, a recent broadcast on NPR aired tape recordings from an interview between David Sheff and John Lennon that took place over a three-week period in 1980, here in New York City. The tapes have allegedly never been broadcast before, though the transcripts were published.) The interview came out in Playboy, in an issue that hit newsstands on October 6th of that year.

What was Lennon's life like just before he was murdered? He was apparently playing the role of stay-at-home dad and got way into baking bread! He says, “I took a Polaroid photo of my first loaf. I was overjoyed, you know. I was that excited by it. I couldn’t believe it, it was like an album coming out of the oven on the instant. And every day I was cooking lunch for the staff-drivers, office boys, anybody who was working. Come on up! I love it!” He also described his bread to BBC at the time, saying, "It looked great, you know, and it tasted good—that was pretty damned good."

Listen to the full broadcast here.