If you're around the Port Authority or the movie megaplexes on West 42nd Street or at the Coldstone Creamery, waiting for a chorus of voice singing how their milkshake brings all the boys to the yard in near but not quite perfect harmony, check out the billboard that's at the corner of 42nd and 8th Avenue. SmartSign Media has donated the space to photo agency Magnum Photos, which is showing over tons of photographs from its photographers. The Daily News reported that SmartSign wanted to "give something back to the city" and would love for Magnum's photos to be there all year, but needs to find a sopnsor. There are three panels which display the pictures, which range from classic shots to current ones, including ones from photographers covering the South Asian tsunami (photographers can email their photos in). Gothamist loves this idea and thinks that photobloggers should look into a version of this (projector, window, blank wallspace across the street) for their work.

Photo of llama in a New York City car from Magnum Photos