Photos - Getty images and Globe PhotosFinally, the game we've all been waiting for: "Are You a Porn-Star or a Society Princess?" The Post looks at how a lot of society girls are looking more Playboy-Penthouse than Park Avenue. Party scenester Tiffany Durbin tells the Post, "You're not a slut anymore if you dress [like a porn star]. There used to very defined rules that gave away your identity. Now, it's hard to tell. But I do think showing the midriff has been done too much. And there are too many nipple moments. That's one thing we should stay away from. There should be a certain amount a restraint." Then the Post adds that porn stars like Jenna Jameson are looking more polished in couture clothing. We'd say the next step is for society girls to work in porn, but then that would be work, so walking around naked is next, which is derivative as well.

Pictured, porn star Stephanie Swift at left and Casey Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson) at right.