Miles the dogPossibly more critical than naming your baby (although you might have to holler your kid's name with as much frequency), naming a dog is a big deal. The Department of Health announces the most popular dog names for 2004, and the list is pretty much as it was last year: (1) Max, (2) Lucky, (3) Princess, (4) Rocky, (5) Buddy, (6) Lady, (7) Shadow, (8) Coco, (9) Daisy, and (10) Lucy. However, the DOH only had information on names from licensed dogs, which might only be about 20% of all NYC dogs. So get your dog licensed!

Other facts singled out by the DOH:
- Food names: Oreo, Brownie, Honey, Cocoa and Peanut
- Girl names: Rosie, Xena, Buffy, Samantha, Sophie, Emma and Tiffany
- Mixed breeds are the most popular, followed by labrador retriever, shepherd, pit bull, Shih-Tzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, poodle, Maltese and cocker spaniel

New Yorkish on hot [human] baby names in 2004 and daddytypes on baby names. And Gothamist will look for any reason to re-run this photo of Miles the dog getting bark-mitzvahed, because if a dog in a yarmulke isn't funny, then nothing on this Earth is.