The Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit, which is running through July 8th (at 43 Wooster St in SoHo), is comprised of eight immersive experiences. The website promises "a fun experience which brings you lots of joy." Which sounds like a trap. Maybe it is? Walk down this dark hall of shiny things and enter a room of sunflowers to find out.

The organizers aim to transport you to a dream-like land, and the text on their website reads like a Dark Crystal Cult Manifesto: "Remember those magical and fantastical worlds you always dreamed to be in? You are at the right place. This is the place where your wild dreams can come true. Leave behind your daily life. Through the Palace of Enchanted Crystals... You will encounter a hypnotic looking glass... Look at it, look into it."

After all that the three suns will begin to align as the Gelflings reach the Crystal's chamber and the Skeksis gather for the ritual that will grant them immortality. You should probably leave before this happens.

While you're in there opening parts of your mind you never even knew existed, don't forget what this thing is really all about: Instagram. You can, for example, get a real nice photo for your couples Summer Solstice card:

You can also pose on a pepper:

Or pose very naturally in a sea shell:

Or make a hilarious landline phone call in this room:

Get your tickets here, which cost $28 to $34 (drugs not included; enlightenment not guaranteed.)