A 16-year-old hailing from Ontario Canada has been feeling under the weather. Who cares, right? Well you guys, not to cause a panic, but this teenager is none other than Justin Drew Bieber, and this ailment is soclose to ruining tomorrow's concert at Madison Square Garden.

According to the Daily News, Bieber canceled his concert in Syracuse last night, and now hopes to feel better for the big show tomorrow... which is going to be filmed for a Bieber 3-D movie called "My World Tour" (snappy title). The last time Bieber was spotted healthy was in New Jersey—it was following his show there that he fell ill (New Jersey stop trying to kill everything that is good and pure in the world!).

As of now, the show will go on, and earlier this afternoon he sent an update to his Twitter followers, announcing: "Not 100 percent but gonna see the doc again and try and get the go ahead. Wish me luck." Yes, everyone, please take a moment to wish the most rich and famous 16-year-old in the world some luck.