It's hard out here for a pet! A NY based pet store chain has been accused of selling parasite ridden puppies. 138 out of 151 puppies in Atlanta, GA, were found to be infected with Giardia, which can be transmitted between humans and animals. Anyone who bought a puppy from The Pet Company stores since January should have their furry friend checked by a vet. Also, be on the lookout for symptoms: diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea. Though no human infections have been reported (yet), Gothamist recommends steering clear of all adorable little puppies.

Do fish have feelings? An appeals court says, "YES!" A Manhattan man was found to have been properly sentenced to two years in prison for goldfish-icide. In 2003, Michael Garcia stomped 9-year-old Juan Torres's pet fish, Crystal, right before the young boy's eyes. Garcia's lawyers argued that, "goldfish are not domesticated animals," but were denied their appeal. Garcia also assaulted the boy's mother and will be spending eleven years incarcerated. Goldfish rejoice!

Also, heard on the radio, a man threw a dumbell at his dog, severing her tail. Cops were tipped off and found the dog with its tailbone sticking out. Nothing gets Gothamist's ire up like abused housepets!