Yesterday afternoon the Pool Parties made their debut off the McCarren Pool grounds and on the Williamsburg waterfront, at East River State Park (Mission of Burma, Fucked Up, Ponytail and Jemina Pearl all played). This new home is even more temporary than the last—which is currently undergoing a $50 million makeover—only one summer of shows will be held here before it's time to find a new home. In the meantime, the crowds from yesterday were aTwitter with thoughts on the new space. Most of the reviews have been positive, and for the most part the same elements are there, with some slight changes.

The pros: the view, the breeze off the water, the grass (albeit only in patches)
The con: the cattle system set up for those drinking alcohol

While at McCarren Pool one could drink anywhere on the grounds; this year it's only allowed in a gated off area. For the VIP section, this is closer to the stage and the water, but for the masses it's farther off. This will surely be the main complaint amongst attendees, as it makes it impossible to drink and watch the bands, or even drink and sit on a patch of grass (this booze pen is all concrete).

The Slip n' Slide was another casualty of the move, something that seemed to be replaced by wading pools. However, by the third band yesterday those became off-limits because the water was too high for kids and there were no lifeguards. Did we mention the "no swearing" thing? The NY Times reports that "the bands, warned that too much profanity could endanger the concerts, tried to rein in their banter." All in all, small prices to pay when you're getting free concerts at a venue overlooking the East River and the Manhattan skyline every Sunday, right?