The American Kennel Club says that the number one breed of dog in Manhattan is the poodle, knocking dachshunds from the lead. Dachshunds are now third, behind the labrador retriever. The American Kennel Club has a list of the top breeds in the country, plus breaks them down by city - and by city, the AKC means Manhattan:
1. Poodle; 2. Labrador retriever; 3. Dachshund; 4. Yorkshire terrier; 5. Golden retriever; 6. Bulldog; 7. French bulldog; 8. Shih tzu; 9. Havanese; 10. Maltese and pug (tie).

The AKC says the French bulldog and Havanese, which are new to the Manhattan top ten, might be attractive because they might fit smaller apartments better. Hmm, we have seen lots of French bulldogs and pugs lately - and we actually don't see many poodles, but that's probably because we aren't in the Upper East Side that often. But we did find this adorable toy poodle on Flickr - hello, Carubi! The city's most popular dog tends to be a good ol' mutt - either way, register your dog with the city! And Gothamist on puggles and our Animal archives.