Since 2009 the beloved Macy's July 4th Fireworks have moved from the East River to the Hudson, stealing much loved views from the people of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan's East Side and giving them instead to West Siders, those willing to shell out for $200 seats in a public park, and New Jersey. And State Senator Daniel Squadron and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (like many) are sick of it. So they've started an online petition! Cause that'll teach Macy's?

At a press conference today, the pair of pols came out to say that they are once again working to try and persuade Macy's to bring the fireworks back to the East River, where they went boom for 32 years before moving in 2009. At the time Macy's said the move was a temporary one to celebrate Henry Hudson's voyage up the river. But it increasingly looks like "temporary" is Macy's way of saying "permanent."

Still, both Squadron and de Blasio made a point to praise Macy's for bringing the fireworks to the city at all, but argued that in tough economic times many New Yorkers are being deprived of a truly wonderful (and free) New York tradition. "Even if you don't have a lot of money you could go and watch the fireworks on your rooftop," de Blasio recalled.

Of course some people would prefer the fireworks stay in the Hudson. Hoboken, for instance, has already put a warning on their website regarding the "tens of thousands" expected to flood the city (creating up to four hours of traffic!) for the show. Whether or not the move in the past four years has had any visible economic impact on the city, Mayor Dawn Zimmer's office was unable to say, but they didn't seem too upset about the free show.

When asked about the location of the fireworks, Mayor Bloomberg's office replied with his feelings from previous years: "It’s up to Macy’s. They’re paying for it. And they’ll do whatever they think gets them the greatest visibility. You know, I’ve- love to see move back and forth. I’ve suggested that to them, but in the end, it’s their call. And I’m just thankful that they’re willing to do this. It’s certainly the greatest fireworks display in the United States every year and we’re lucky to have them here. "

So, would Squadron and de Blasio be okay with an on-off situation in which the fireworks moved from river to river in alternating years? "That'd be better than what we've got now."

Yes, yes it would. Go sign that petition!