2007_01_rangerdog.jpgA three year old German Shepherd dog on the NYPD's K-9 unit was seriously injured when he was literally sniffing out a suspect. Ranger and his handler, Police Officer Neal Campbell, were looking for Ivan Boston, a felon who was suspected of violating his parole. They entered Boston's apartment, and the floor was filled with broken dishes and glass. Boston refused to appear, so Ranger went into a bedroom by himself. Boston had been hiding under a mattress and Ranger found him, but cut his left foreleg on a mirror in the process. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "[The police dogs] go by themselves into dangerous situations. That's why we use them - to protect our other officers."

The laceration was so deep that Ranger lost much blood and required a 3 hour surgery. A vet at Animal Medical Center told the NY Times that Ranger will "probably have to do stretching exercises, run on an underwater treadmill and undergo electrical stimulation until his muscles recover." Aw. Police believe that Ranger will retire and that Campbell will adopt him. And Boston was arrested.