Following Tuesday night's riot at the South Street Seaport (Never Forget!), the NYPD—specifically Commissioner Ray Kelly—is placing blame on the organizers at Paper magazine. While security for the 10,000 capacity outdoor venue was ramped up for the evening, the fact remains that a 10,000 capacity venue should not be hosting shows that draw 25,000+ fans. Free, advertised, and promoted shows, at that.

So WTF were the masterminds at the magazine smoking when they booked both Drake and Hanson for this thing? David Herskovits has thus far dodged our requests for comment. He did, however, tell the NY Times that they have more shows planned, including one featuring Ke$ha. You know, the inexplicably and insanely popular pop star who put out one of the biggest hits of the year? This one will also be free, open to the public and promoted, but Herskovits insists, "I don’t anticipate that happening for Ke$ha the same way. I don’t think this means anything more than what happened last night.”

Meanwhile, Kelly announced at a news conference that they “want to look at how this particular event was promoted. We want to learn from this. The promoters were not sufficiently prepared.” Seven people were injured at the concert on Tuesday, and two arrests were made.