The Museum of Natural History tried something new this year: an ice skating rink. Opening in November, their Polar Rink is made up of "scientifically engineered" artificial ice which isn't getting very good reviews. One reader tips us off to the dull blades and sub-par synthetic skating surface, declaring ever so bluntly: "the Polar Rink SUCKS BALLS...goddamn it's a piece of crap. The super-dull rental skates don't help (and btw - THERE ARE NO LOCKERS, so you either take your chances with your bag stowed under a bench, or skate with your shit with you.) SUCKS. FAIL. DO NOT WANT." The folks over at Yelp seem to agree, the rink got 7 (of 7) one-star reviews over there (the lowest possible rating), with most complaining focused on the plastic-like surface that makes it impossible to do much more than shuffle around for a few defeating moments.