Even weaksauce Daily Show hosts can't resist the urge to capture Pikachu & Friends—a Redditor spotted Trevor Noah catching Pokémon in Riverside Park today during his break, and now they are buddies.

I caught Pokémon with Trevor Noah on a random park bench in NYC today (full story in the comments)

from pokemongo

From Reddit:

So I took a pokérun down Riverside park to get some water types (along the Hudson river for non-NYC folks) and spotted a park with two lures just an avenue away. Naturally, I ran over there while tracking on my screen and sat down on a park bench optimally located between the lures. While searching for a nearby pidgey I looked to my left and sitting on the other side of the bench is Trevor Noah, swiping for pokémon on his iPad. He looks at me, looks at my phone, and goes "you know there's a scyther right over there." I, trying not to freak out because I love him and the Daily Show, then continue to chat with him about the pokémon I've caught. Come to find out, it was him who set the lures in the first place so he could catch em all on his break. He was incredibly nice and very into the game, and had successfully caught that killer scyther that ran away from me (so was probably above my level 17). tl;dr I chilled in a park near his studio and played/chatted with Trevor Noah for like 20 minutes

Though not even a hundred Scythers could make Noah funny, it is fun when celebrities are Just Like Us, as in, obsessed with various cultural phenomena like One Direction or Game of Thrones. Plus, it's cool that he took time out of his day to Pokétalk with a fellow trainer, and he's not as much of a dick as John Mayer.


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So, the moral of the story here is that Pokémon Go is a great way to meet dates, muggers, EMT workers, and celebrities. It's also a great excuse to rewatch old Jigglypuff videos during work hours.