2008_12_poecli.jpg"You thought I was gone, didn't you?" That was the opening line on last night's SNL as Amy Poehler proved reports wrong that she would be leaving the show following the delivery of her baby and the end of the election season. Seeing a svelte Poehler in the cold open as new Secretary of State Clinton as well as back in her Weekend Update chair was a welcome sight after the show had a rough last outing with previous host Tim McGraw.

Still, the question of whether the show is now gone from cultural relevance remains in doubt following an illustrious autumn. Poehler's return along with the first appearance of Fred Armisen playing Barack Obama since his election victory (despite reports of the show casting a new Obama) signal that other than the lack of cameos from Tina Fey and candidates seeking air time, SNL hasn't made any major shakeups for the time being.

We were glad to see last night's episode address Plaxico Burress's interesting choice of legwear when he hits the clubs during Weekend Update, but were wondering how the sendup of Plax's mishap played with musical guest and no stranger to firearms rapper T.I. Below is Kenan Thompson as the Giants receiver proving again that he has better hands on the field than off:

After the jump are a couple of sophomoric treats from last night: Fred Armisen as Boy George (channeling Ricky Gervais?) and the digital video for the latest Andy Samberg musical number--a song that has a title apparently tame enough to get on broadcast TV unedited, but on the internet is edited down by NBC to "J*** in My Pants."