2006_01_artspoefest.jpgMetropolitan Playhouse hosts Poe-Fest, starting tonight. As you may have guessed Poe-Fest is inspired by the life and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Performers from all over the country congregate for a two week festival of Poe saturated theatricals. Included are performances, musicals, monologues, dances, jokes and whatever else the Poe-esque style can be injected in to.

Each night gets kicked off with a reading of one of Poe's works, including his unfinished play, Politian. The festival is divided into seven different performances (the Vaults), each comprised of one to three presentations. In total, there will be 13 performances (a fitting number indeed).

Related: The Poe Museum capitalizes on the author, selling everything with Poe's image on it (including this charming bobble head doll you see at the left). Bobble head dolls need to go away. Seriously, who amongst you has the need for an Edgar Allan Poe bobble head doll?!

Now through January 29th // Metropolitan Playhouse [220 East 4th Street]