2006_02_artsplug.jpgWe reminded you last week to vote for the Plug Awards, and now is your chance to check out the actual awards ceremony. The awards are tonight at Webster Hall and will include a sampling of some of our favorite bands:

Performances by: * BEANS w/ HOLY F**k (representing WARP's nomination for Label Of The Year) * CHAD VANGAALEN (nominated for 2 PLUG Awards - New Artist & Male Artist of The Year) * CELEBRATION (representing 4AD/Beggar's nomination for Label Of The Year) * CAGE (nominated for 2 PLUG Awards - Hip-Hop & Music Video Of The Year) * MR LIF & Akrobatik as the PERCEPTIONISTS (nominated for Hip-Hop Album Of The Year) * EMILIANA TORRINI (nominated for Female Artist Of The Year) * THE NATIONAL (nominated for 6 PLUG Awards)

Okay, we're really just going to see The National and to check out host Aziz Ansari's funny skits, but we're sure the entire evening will be sonically delightful.

If you want to make a day of it, Indie Night School is happening over there as you read this, and the official site neglects to mention that our very own Jake Dobkin is on one of their panels. So leave work now let him educate you on...stuff.

The Plug Awards aren't like the exclusive Grammy's, everyone is invited! So if you want to go, buy tickets here and bring $9 for each beer you'd like to drink, as it's all taking place at Webster Hall.