Swift leaving her Manhattan home. (Courtesy of Pacific Coast News)

Every day Taylor Swift is photographed coming and going from her New York City apartment, and it's probably easier to figure out her address than it is to figure out the address of your neighborhood Starbucks.

But that doesn't mean you should go to Taylor Swift's home.

It doesn't mean you should sit on her steps or hold a boombox high above your head outside on the street, it doesn't mean you should loiter or "casually" pass by until you bump into her. It doesn't even mean that you should leave her a note. Or a series of notes.

A series of notes can be unsettling, in fact. That's what serial killers leave. The Zodiac Killer sent so many notes there's an entire Wikipedia page about them.

Don't be like the Zodiac Killer, T-Swizzle fan.

One London fan couldn't resist, however, and this week allegedly left a series of sticky notes on Taylor Swift's apartment building door.

The one's that are legible from this photo read:

"Keep these for Taylor
Please she needs to see them
I'm sorry for this
Love Daisy"

At press time it's believed that these notes are actually from a Daisy, and not from, say, a Jake Gyllenhaal or a Harry Styles.

There are several that are difficult to make out due to small handwriting, however. We believe one reads: "Sometimes I watch you while you are sleeping."

On the other hand, Swift is very kind to her fans, and has even invited some into her home, so maybe she wants notes like this on her door!

We don't speak for Taylor Swift.

It's just that... sometimes the person who cleans our offices will rearrange the stuff on one person's desk, and it really creeps that person out, like this sign that someone was in her personal space while she wasn't inhabiting it. And that's kind of similar to this? Related: stay tuned for our upcoming piece on why you should not leave anyone a sticky note regarding things being moved on your desk.