We're please to announce our new Gothamist store, where you can buy all the Gothamist T-shirts, bags, buttons, and underwear you so desperately need! We decided to go with Spreadshirt as our provider. They print on high quality material (we recommend the American Apparel shirts), and allow you to customize the shirt in your personal choice of colors (for the logos, "flex print" means shiny material, while "flock print" means fuzzy material.) You can also add your own text, so if you want to make a "Gothamist Sucks My Balls!" or "Gothamist Can't Spell" T-shirt, go for it!

Most of our sites have made their logos available-- so if you want a Chicagoist or DCist shirt, you can pick one of those up too! Prices start at around $15, and go up from there. Please buy something today!