The latest installment to our growing NYC Bingo Card Collection is here, and this time we're focusing on our city's animals for a very special NYC WILDLIFE BINGO!

You'll spot all your faves, like Pigeon—a classic!—along with lovable characters like Eggroll Squirrel, and Pizza Rat (extra points for Pizza Rag sightings). You'll also see some creatures ripped from the headlines, like Runaway Cow (who you can sub in with any animal fleeing the slaughterhouse and spotted running down a major NYC roadway), and historic headlines, like Sewer Alligator. There's even a cameo from that anomaly, the Midtown Seagull; those beautiful peacocks at St. John the Divine; and of course, the internationally known Mandarin Patinkin, and up-and-coming star Charlize Heron. Of course, the coyote is stalking around there, too.

May you spot them all... except for the dreaded Toilet Rat.

When you see something on the card, share your photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #NYCBingo and our @Gothamist handle.

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