200808mccarrenparkpool.jpgWho can keep up with all the changes surrounding McCarren Park Pool? One thing if for certain, it will one day contain water. The NY Post notes that the design, to be reviewed by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on September 9th, also "calls for a new U-shaped pool (about 70 percent of the current footprint), an ice-skating rink, a cafe, a community center and an exhibition center" and a performance space. That's right, it's very likely Sonic Youth won't be the last band to play there. The performances will be held during the "off-season," which is likely the Spring and Fall (leaving JellyNYC's free summer shows still searching for a new home). Stephanie Thayer of the Dept of Parks & Rec and Open Space Alliance (responsible for bringing shows to the pool in the first place) says, "It doesn't have to be an either/or. Hopefully we'll have shows at the pool."