We already have TV shows based on Walmart, podcasts, video games, Facebook messages, and the entire decade of the '80s, so why not a TV show based on a song? Can't you imagine a great limited series being born from the lyrics of "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" or any of the brilliant sketches of Bill Callahan? Well, this is not that: The Hollywood Reporter hears that The Plain White T's cornball classic "Hey There Delilah" is being adapted into a scripted TV series. In case you've successfully dislodged the song from your unconscious, revisit it below.

"Hey There Delilah," which seems like the twisted result of someone betting songwriter Tom Higgenson that he couldn't take the perfect melody of Bob Dylan's "I Want You" and make it totally suck, was released in 2006 and went on to spend 35 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, including multiple weeks as the #1 song on the charts.

As The Hollywood Reporter writes, the song "tells the tale of a long-distance flirtation between a struggling singer-songwriter and a New York City university student. The songwriter pledges to write a song for the young woman on the night they meet and that promise changes their lives in unexpected ways." Yes, the writers and producers are going to figure out a way to wring a multi-episode arc out of lines like, "What's it like in New York City?/I'm a thousand miles away/But, girl, tonight you look so pretty/Yes, you do/Times Square can't shine as bright as you/I swear, it's true."

"It's been more than a decade since 'Hey There Delila' was released, and people always ask me about it. A whole lot of people really connected with that song, and I'm very proud of that," Higgenson said. "I'm so excited to have an opportunity to give a new generation the chance to form their own connection with the song, and fall in love with its story through this new project." To think, this is the song the Powers That Be chose to push when "You're Beautiful" is just sitting there!

And if you're wondering, the Delilah in question is a real person: American distance runner Delilah DiCrescenzo. Hopefully she'll get a producer credit or a cameo or a few hours inside the device from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

Higgenson, along with writer Jeremy Desmon, have teamed with Lively McCabe Entertainment and Primary Wave to develop the romantic-comedy adaptation, and will be pitching it to networks soon. If you are skeptical that anything will come of this, then you don't know the depravity of the industry.

"'Hey There Delilah' is a perfect example of an iconic story song that has introduced characters and a premise to a massive multigenerational audience, and is begging to be expanded into a full-length story for contemporary television audiences," said Lively McCabe Entertainment co-president Michael Barra.

On the bright side, maybe this'll inspire more companies to try to adapt better songs for the screen. The possibilities are endless...