FADE IN: A 50-yr-old beatnick heads west from New York City, hobo stick slung over shoulder, humming Tom Petty's "Last Dance With Mary Jane" while the lyrics run through his head. "Well, I don't know, but I've been told, You never slow down, you never grow old. I'm tired of screwin' up, tired of going down, Tired of myself, tired of this town." It's looking bleak. Enter: Pittsburgh!

Are you an older creative struggling to make rent in New York City? Are you tired of those kids in Williamsburg you read about and also James Franco getting all the attention from the art world? Are you ready to retire to a river city? Pittsburgh might be willing to embrace you with open arms and a cool $100,000 cash.

The city is seeking folks over 45 (they call this demographic "Experienced Dreamers") who still want to "realize [their] dream." With that in mind, they're offering $100K to the right person, and all you have to do is... move to Pittsburgh. Actually, Pittsburgh is pretty great, and as Brokelyn points out, the unemployment rate is consistently below the national average and the beer is really cheap. Leaving the only real catch to be: half of the money you receive if you win has to go to charity. So, would you move to Pittsburgh for... $50,000?