2007_03_arts_ryans.jpgSay what you will about Pitchfork, but it's a good resource and once you get the writer's tastes down, the rating system can help point you in a good direction. That rating system goes from 0 to 10, but has gone as low as, um, this.

Now the Pitchfork head honcho, Ryan Schreiber, has left the sites hometown of Chicago and moved to Park Slope. He'll be living amongst bands his site has championed (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, 9.0) and undoubtedly bands his site will trash in the future. As NY Mag put it, since Schreiber has mentioned keeping a low profile, New York bands will now "have their own Frank Bruni to nervously scan the crowd for".

For now the PItchfork Festival is staying in Chicago, but we wonder if we'll eventually see it move to Randall's, or Coney, Island.

Photo via NY Mag.