2006_02_pirrospace.jpgIn what seems like a move to be seriously outmatched, former wannabe candidate for Senate, current Republican party hopeful to run for NY State Attorney General Jeannine Pirro is setting her sights on sexual predators that lurk on MySpace. And she's issued a letter to MySpace owner Rupert Murdoch saying that a forum will be convened! We are sure Rupert took the letter and ate it and promptly called his NY Post editors to make sure a damning story about Pirro would be ready for tomorrow's edition! The NY Times points out that the Murdoch-owned NY Post has humiliated Pirro is many, many ways, from covering her laughably mismanaged attempt to be the Republican Senate candidate (though many papers joined in that fun) to her husband's jail time... Oh, and there's the whole "Pirro's husband has a lovechild" thing and how her husband maybe sabotaged her Senate run dreams. However, with fears about MySpace and the Internets overall growing (hey, parents, that's what you get for letting the kids put computers in their rooms), Pirro's forum may have legs - she'll just need to get the Daily News to cover it.