Jennifer EspositoJennifer LopezIf it's March, it's the time for the networks to work on pilots for the upcoming season. These are some of today's announcements:

- Patrick Dempsey will star in a TV version of "About a Boy," one of my favorite movies from last year
- Jennifer Esposito will be joined by Bill Duke in "Karen Sisco" which is about a female U.S. Marshal. For you close readers, yes, it seems like it's based on the character from the Elmore Leonard novel and later Steven Soderbergh film, "Out of Sight." Jennifer Esposito had been linked for 5 seconds with Cris Judd, which confirms the whole "Jennifer Esposito is the poor man's Jennifer Lopez" thing.
- Peter MacNicol, most recently John 'The Biscuit' Cage on Ally McBeal, will star in a comedy about a baby boomer couple who adopts a Chinese baby. I assume he's playing the husband/father, and it's about time there was a comedy about baby boomers who adopt Chinese babies. Cultural hilarity will ensue!