Little native fox; Photo: NY Times

This story of the survivial of the fittest on Santa Cruz Island caught our eye (okay, it was the cute picture of the fox): The Times discusses how golden eagles, feral pigs, and little native foxes are fighting to survive, with the little native foxes now endangered. Eagles had eaten fish, the foxes ate rodents, all was good, until pigs were introduced (by humans!) which then attracted the eagles...

In the 1990's, some pairs of golden eagles flew out to the island and found good eating. Lured by the prospect of piglets, six pairs or more took up residence in the jagged cliffside openings where the bald eagles had lived. While golden eagles prefer baby pork for dinner, they are not averse to small foxes.

Gothamist understands why baby pork is preferred, but tiny little adorable foxes? Bad, golden eagle, bad! The Times' Felicity Barringer reports the Nature Conservancy, which owns three quarters of the island (which is three times the size of Manhattan), and other experts are trying to figure out what to do (pig hunts? eagle hunts? let nature play itself out?).

This was an issue even three years ago in Science Daily. If you're now in the mood for pork, try some Daisy May's BBQ for lunch. And we like the Belle & Sebastian song, The Fox in The Snow.