A 1.6 acre "destination mega-playground" will open tomorrow at the end of Atlantic Avenue at Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park. GET EXCITED! (If you have kids.) But even if you're not saddled with the double-decade burden of parenthood, and still find kids cute, you should also GET EXCITED because starting tomorrow there will also be FREE ferry service between Pier 6 and Governors Island. So you can ride your fixie over there, grab a kid to go, and hit up the free Yeasayer show at "The Beach" without spending a dime.

The kids' stuff includes a 20-foot-high "Slide Mountain" with jungle gyms, a "Swing Valley" with 10 different age-appropriate swing sets, and a 6,000 square foot "Sandbox Village"—basically the biggest sand box in town. Coming later in the summer: three sand volleyball courts, small lawns and planted areas filled with coastal shrubs, and a sit-down restaurant with a rooftop deck. And as you know, Pier 6 complements the recently opened and gorgeous Pier 1 park further north.

But it doesn't end there: Up next brace for Pier 2 in Brooklyn Heights, "which will include a tidal and spiral pool, a boat ramp for motor-less watercraft, and may some day have a skating rink and basketball courts," according to Brooklyn Paper.