Last night, a few hundred Jedi enthusiasts crammed into Washington Square Park for a giant Lightsaber Battle. There were demonstrations of proper lightsaber technique, people dressed as Sith Lords, lots of children and various non-Star Wars characters, including zombies, ninjas and even a Pikachu, all partaking in the fun. There was even some under-the-radar lightsaber battle betting going on.

Kevin Bracken, one of the organizers of the event, told us: "Last night's lightsaber battle was phenomenal! 500 lightsabers were reserved in advance, and easily 1000 people showed up. I am happy we can put on big family-friendly events; so many parents and kids last night. The Arch in the park made for an epic backdrop, and my favorite moment of the night was setting up an epic Braveheart-style skirmish with deafening cheers from each side."

Click through for some photos from the event, and below, check out some videos of Star Wars chants, lightsaber rattling, and one person's very serious saber moves.