[Gothamist isn't much for long winded live show reviews. The experience is unique to everyone. So here we'll stick to brevity. You can pretty much assume that if we were at the show and are writing about it, then we liked it.]

After watching the city get covered with the white stuff on Saturday we ventured out of our apartment and headed to the Bowery Ballroom, only two blocks away, for the Fever show. The normally 3 minute walk turned into a much longer one but it was well worth the frozen feet in the end. We found a pretty impressive turnout for a venue surrounded by accumulating snow. Even James Iha made it. But we digress, from the Fever show on Saturday night we offer you a lot of images, a few words and a video clip...

[The Fever had moving images on the screen behind them the whole time, something we loved. This screen actually had no moving images, it was just red...but still awesome.]

[L to R, and we'll use their "Fever names": Sanchez, Geremy]

[L to R: Sanchez, Geremy, Pony]



[Pony and J with dancers...on the screen. However there were also dancers on the floor, an unusual amount of movement at this show for an NYC crowd.]

2005_01_artsthefeverblur.jpg 2005_01_artsfeverpony.jpg
[L: Geremy] [R: Pony]


[Geremy Jasper]

A short clip of the Fevers' song Ladyfingers from Saturday's show can be viewed here.