Yesterday we gave you the Fever and today it's the Decemberists Colin Meloy. Last night we headed over to the late show at the Fez to see him perform his own songs along with some Morrissey tunes. Due to the fact that this was a solo show, the images aren't very plentiful, but we've included captions and a video clip!

[Meloy takes the stage at the Fez and performs to a crowd lit by candlelight. Girls were heard swooning.]

[Here Colin had a dramatic finish, with an "i'm kneeling on the floor!" guitar solo]

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[Meloy looks a lot like this fellow in the above photo]

[And finally, it's here that we can tell from the tag on the left pocket of Meloy's jeans that...he's wearing Diesel! Shocking.]

Video clip from last nights show. It's part song, part story about song. We like to give you the full experience. Well partially, in an 80 second clip.

Stereogum has a longer review if you're into reading

Brooklyn Vegan has great pictures from Saturday's show in the blizzard.