Gothamist (and, um, not ALL of Gothamist - but this part) has a love-hate thing with Conor Oberst. He is talented, but he doesn't really live up to the insane number of magazine covers he's been on this year [Publisher's note: he soooooo totally does- I'd make out with him for hours! Super-hottt!] So we went to the show hoping to sink into the seat of our favorite venue and hear the rattled voice of this months cover boy sing some tunes that often keep us company on the subway. The thing is, the entire audience seemed to be composed of tweens. Did the TRL crowd get lost? When they did stop yelling "Conor you're HOTTT!" [Publisher's note: apologies for that- it was just so exciting to see him- and I only yelled it twice.] we liked what we heard, but ultimately left wondering how he sold out Town Hall three nights consecutively.

To summarize the concert experience:
1. Humans over the age of 17 and heterosexual males seemed to be in very short supply.
2. The Town Hall policy of leaving the front doors open until the main act does not make perfect sense in the middle of winter. Gothamist was in the back row. It was like seeing a concert in Russia!
3. Conor may have a slight drinking problem- who drinks four Rolling Rocks while performing on stage?
4. The music: overall pretty good- it sure beats the other shite the tweensters are listening to these days.

...More poor photography after the jump...

[Conor after two onstage beers]

[Conor after numerous onstage beers]

[Tilly and the Wall]

[Tilly and the Wall]

Note to Cocorosie, the 2nd opener: Please stop. Your performance was like walking into an arts dorm on a bad acid trip and encountering three others who were also on a bad acid trip and had found instruments in which to manifest everything that is evil in the world.

Note to Tilly and the Wall, the 1st opener: We love you.

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Also related: Brian sends us a recipe for Cocorosie...

1) Take a cassette of Bjork vocals and leave it out on a Las Vegas sidewalk during the middle of the summer for approximately 48 hours.
2) Add a child's toy that plays barnyard animal sounds but which uses batteries that are almost dead.
3) Sprinkle with a human beat-box wearing the original headress from the Village People's Indian.
4) Remove all semblance of melody and structure.
5) Allow to simmer for at least 30 minutes more than necessary.
6) Upon consumption, proceed immediatley to bathroom due to nausea.