Last night Gothamist checked out the Arcade Fire. The first time we saw this band was at Mercury Lounge, the second at Bowery Ballroom and last night was at Webster Hall. This venue is far from being a favorite of ours but we were set on making it as intimate as possible by cramming ourselves into the front. This lasted about three songs when we retreated to the back for some breathing room and were left feeling detached for the rest of the show. The band was amazing, as usual, and aside from feeling a bit "far away" the big venue didn't take away from that. Their energy filled the room as did the extravagant, but fitting, lights. Overall we left with a feeling of relief that Arcade Fire in a big venue is just as good as Arcade Fire in a small venue, albeit a bit less personal. But yeah, we're a little spoiled for seeing them in such an intimate atmosphere last October. Here are some photos:





Setlist: Wake Up > Neighborhood #2 > No Cars Go > Haiti > Vampire Forest Fire > Burning Bridges > Neighborhood #4 > Une Annee Sans Lumiere > Neighborhood #3 > Rebellion > Crown Of Love > Neighborhood #1 > In The Backseat > Headlights Like Diamonds

[We got home just in time to catch the band on Conan O'Brien, where surprisingly their performance translated pretty well over the airwaves. Note to band: Please don't play the OC.]

Related: Gothamist interviews the Arcade Fire. Also, here is a photo of Final Fantasy via Youngna, who always has amazing pictures. Final Fantasy opened with ManMan before him and totally blew us away.

[Update: Gothamist headed over to Irving last night, 02.02.05, to check out Arcade once again. The energy was in the air and the show was simply one of the best we've seen. And oh yeah, David Byrne joined them on stage. We won't do another post here of course but Brooklyn Vegan has a great recap which includes some photos and an mp3.]