Are you lucky enough to commute through the Fulton Center? Or do you work in the neighborhood? Well, mark Thursday, April 23 in your calendar, because there will be more than 20 poets there to write poems on the spot for you!

The event, The Poet Is In, is part of the MTA's Poetry in Motion initiative and National Poetry Month. Poets will be stationed in booths at the station, and the MTA explains, "The concept was inspired by the booth where Lucy van Pelt from the Peanuts comic strip gave advice."

A past Poet Is In event (Courtesy of the MTA)

The MTA Arts & Design division and co-organizer the Poetry Society of America have assembled quite a group: New York State Poet Laureate Marie Howe, Pulitzer Prize-winner Sharon Olds, and Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club, will be among those writing poems. There will also be musical accompaniment throughout the day.

A past Poet Is In event (Courtesy of the MTA)

Sandra Bloodworth, Director of MTA Arts & Design, said, "Since our re-launch of this beloved Poetry in Motion program in 2012, millions of riders have discovered poetry in subway cars and buses. We hope this event gives the riders and visitors alike the firsthand experience to interact with award-winning poets and walk away with a special memory and a personalized poem in their hand." And Alice Quinn, Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America, said, "The Poetry Society of America is committed to placing poetry at the crossroads of American life, and the new Fulton Street Station is an ideal arena for fulfilling this mission."

Poetry In Motion: The Poet Is In is on Thursday, April 23, 11 a.m. through 6 p.m.