Last Thursday we shot a new Gothamist House video (coming soon!) with former Shudder To Think frontman Craig Wedren over at the new UCBeast... and afterwards, we brought the wrap party down to Zuccotti Park to check in on Occupy Wall Street and talk to some of the protesters. Unfortunately, the audio from the visit didn't pick up too well, but you can check out a short clip below, where Craig talks to Councilman Jumaane Williams. And here's what Craig had to say about the experience:

What impressed me most about OWS was the viral, cellular, slow-grow aspect; the fact that it's been there for 3 weeks and continues to pool and spread is very exciting. Assuming this positive contagion continues, it could represent a real, uniquely digital-age, and above all, PEACEFUL (hopefully) nationwide people's revolution—a sort of quiet storm of discontent that, even in the absence of a concrete agenda, would be difficult for DC to ignore, and will most certainly be inspiring to the hopeless in America and on Capitol Hill. Fingers crossed.

We'll be down there again today with Ms. Amanda Palmer, at 4:30 p.m., filming a performance she's doing for the protesters.