New Yorkers have long been beguiled by the enigma wrapped inside a very thin piece of mystery that we call Thong Guy, whose dedication to wearing the least amount of clothing permissible in NYC is only matched by his wanton disregard for other people's eyeballs. As is his MO, Thong Guy has not popped up on our radar yet this summer; we know from past experiences that he likes to take his time before emerging from his bare-strapped chrysalis. But there is a little Thong Guy inside of us all—and it's time to let him out.


Inspired by Gothamist commenter Jim Lahey and his campaign of thong terror in the comment sections of articles ranging from "Here's An Incredibly Detailed Tiny Replica Of A Bushwick Corner" to "Crush The Same Can That Quint Did In Jaws," we've created some Thong Guy cut-outs for your photoshopping pleasure. Like with Sad Rat, Giuliani's official portrait, and Mad Men ad mash-up, feel free to go crazy and send us the results (or place them in the comments below).

You can see some examples up above (including two featuring Gothamist Thong Guy historian-at-large John Del Signore), and the templates below. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet sounds of the official Thong Guy song.