Wicked Plants at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

<p>Hydrangea: Keep away from pets! Hydrangeas contain low levels of cyanide that depress respiration in animals, causing vomiting, even death.</p>

<p>Venus Fly Trap</p>

<p>Peace lily (Spathiphyllum sp.): Leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals, which cause terrible burning of the lips, tongue and throat. Potential peace lily poisoning was the most common reason for calling poison control centers in 2005.</p>



<p>Jumping cactus (Cylindropuntia fulgida): terrorizes hikers in the southwest US by seeming to leaping onto clothing or exposed skin, and hooking in tight. Segments of the plant are so loosely connected that they detach at the slightest touch, and glom on. And they don’t come out easily – causing pain, irritation, and even infection if you can’t get the barbs out.</p>