We Were There: The Last Newspaper At The New Museum

<p>Newspaper is tasty!</p>

<p>Avery Newman proving just how tasty newspaper is.</p>

<p>Untitled (2006) by Dash Snow</p>

<p>Michael Stipe </p>

<p>Inside the New Museum</p>

<p>For William Pope.L's Eating The Wall Street Journal</p>

<p>The New Museum's Director of Development, Regan Grusy</p>

<p>The New Museum's Chief Curator, Richard Flood</p>

<p>Eric Adolfsen and Karen Wong</p>

<p>Benjamin Godsill and Tord Stallvik</p>

<p>Lisa Ivorian Jones and Steven Learner</p>

<p>Laurie Wolfert, Tina Kim, Lonti Ebers</p>

<p>Kyle DeWoody and friend</p>

<p>After party at <a href="">The Wooly</a></p>