We Were There: Pool Parties Return To Williamsburg Waterfront

<p>Yankees fan Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu</p>

<p>Members of Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu perform Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures"</p>

<p>AllSaints VIP pub</p>

<p>Sam Horine photographs Ronnie Gierhart of Neon Indian in the AllSaints VIP pub</p>

<p>Amrit Singh of Stereogum</p>

<p>The AllSaints VIP pub</p>

<p>Greg Bresnitz (Dinner With The Band) and Sam Horine</p>

<p>Wet towel whipping!</p>

<p>Did anyone see Chuck?</p>

<p>Stage with AllSaints building in background</p>

<p>Photo pit</p>

<p>The food/beer section</p>

<p>The AllSaints pub has clothing set up around their space, presumably for sale</p>