Views From <em>Your</em> Windows

<p>From Riverside Dr W, looking over the Hudson at Fort Lee. </p>

<p>George Washington Bridge/Washington Heights. From Columbia University Medical Center, student housing.</p>

<p>Red Lobster! In Times Square, of course.</p>

<p>From the West Side of Manhattan</p>

<p>From 85th &amp; Riverside</p>

<p>Kensington, Brooklyn</p>

<p>Brooklyn Heights. Henry Street directly below, Manhattan view obstructed by the rear of the Bossert Hotel.</p>

<p>53rd and Lexington</p>

<p>The view from Grand and Graham in Williamsburg.</p>

Woodside, Queens.

<p>Upper East Side looking North</p>

<p>Upper East Side looking North</p>

<p>From the Hearst Tower at 57th and 8th</p>

<p>St. John's &amp; Underhill, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.</p>

<p>Williamsburg, Brooklyn</p>


<p>Chinatown, Madison Street</p>

<p>Flatbush, Caton Avenue and 18th Street</p>

<p>From 6th Avenue at Walker Street, 19th Floor</p>

<p>South Side of Williamsburg</p>

<p>Borough Park, Brooklyn</p>

<p>Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Annenberg Building, 21st Floor</p>

<p>West Village</p>

<p>Times Square</p>

<p>Varet Street, Brooklyn</p>

<p>West 4th and 6th Avenue</p>

<p>9 West 57th Street</p>