Videos: SNL Returns With Gangnam Style, Eastwooding, Puppets

Jay Pharoah debuted his President Obama impression during the cold opening. And he was introduced by Fred Armisen!

Seth MacFarlane asks Farrah Fawcert to marry him, then unloads lots of impressions during "My Head Is Filled With Voices."

After Clint Eastwood was such a huge hit at the RNC (and on Twitter), of course Bill Hader had to bring back his Eastwood impression… to the standup comedy tour.

Working at Lids sucks. But Gangnam-style makes life better… especially when international K-pop star Psy really does show up.

Taking a puppet class seems so innocent… until a Vietnam vet overshares through his puppet.

Obama may have approved this anti-Romney ad, but that doesn't mean he's proud of it.

Frank Ocean sang "Thinking About You" and "Pyramids" from his acclaimed solo album "Channel Orange":

Ryan Lochte is really excited about that show "Goon."Seth Meyers: “Chris Brown got a tattoo on his neck this week of what some people say appears to be a battered woman's face. You know you've made a terrible decision when "having a neck tattoo" is the second worst thing about your neck tattoo.”Below, Honey Boo Boo and mom visit:

Steve Harvey gives out some unique style makeovers.

"Just lay your ding-aling on a popsicle stick, and put a couple rubber bands around it"

MacFarlane, Nasim Pedrad, waiters and a robber trade annoying voices on a blind date.

Wooden spoons are now available for purchase from your light box.

This drill sergeant is a bit insecure about having a stutter.