Videos: Saturday Night Live Has Fun With Vice Prez Debate, iPhone 5

"Big Daddy Joe" and Paul Ryan go toe-to-toe.

Applegate's monologue included Muppets and Sudeikis’ killer Dane Cook impression.

“What does America make? Does diabetes count as a product?”

The newest face of Gillette masters of style: Jerry Sandusky.

Weekend Update highlights included a visit from Arianna Huffington to talk about Martha Raddatz, and Jean K Jean on Lance Armstrong.

Another episode of everyone's favorite beach blonde traffic-obsessed soap opera, "The Californians."

If you loved Taken 2 and The Expendables 2, then you'll really want to see "Give Us All Our Daughters Back."

Passion Pit performed "Take A Walk" and "Carried Away."

Two students were expelled from Booker T. Washington High for “fornicating inside a Mufasa costume.”

Applegate plays a very inspiring choreographer.