Videos: Jim Carrey Hosts Energetic Halloween-Themed <em>Saturday Night Live</em>

Al Sharpton and his immunizing mustache save the Cold Open.

Jim Carrey is...Helvis. And he wants pie.

Some of the best things of the night were the recurring Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads.

It's a butt-talking, face-stretching Carrey family reunion.

You won't forget Paul and Phil.

Drunk Uncle and Woman Obsessed With Romantic Comedies were the excellent guests on Weekend Update.

Secret Billionaire may have been the sketch of the night, thanks to Carrey's monologue.

New castmember Leslie Jones was good in the otherwise blah Ghost Chasers.

Carrey and Kate McKinnon danced all over the SNL studio for this energetic Halloween Party sketch.

This was the dud of the night.

Halloween Emporium was another highlight.

Iggy Azalea performed a medley of "Fancy" and "Black Widow" with Rita Ora, and "Beg For It."