Videos: <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Welcomes Stefon, Tom Hanks, And Creepy Brad Pitt

Tom Hanks made an appearance as one of the creepy Long Islanders during the cold open on the debate. And Romney threatened to beat Obama with his paycheck.

Mars sang his way through the monologue: “Can I put aside my fears? Can I be like Timberlake?”

There were four fake commercials for Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 sprinkled throughout the episode.

The best part of Weekend Update obviously was the return of Stefon—Hader broke character even faster than normal.

Hanks was back for the Merryville-robot Halloween.

Make sure you wave to Sad Rat next time you're in Times Square.

The only good part of this "Haters" sketch was Bobby Moynihan in drag.

Mars performed "Locked Out Of Heaven" and "Young Wild Girls."

Sexually violated by a yeti...

And here's the Underground Festival promo for “Donkey Punch the Ballot.”