Videos: <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Welcomes Anne Hathaway, <em>Homeland</em>, Mokiki And Milk Romney

"Please come inside father. Donald Trump is doing a very amusing thing where he's racist"

The whole cast gathered round to sing "One Day More" during the monologue with Hathaway.

Girlfriends Talk Show gets a bit competitive for one best friend.

In the night's strangest (and best?) sketch, Mokiki's sloppy swish dance hypnotizes Manhattan.

Carrie Mathison has another one of her "Jazz freak outs."

If you're about to get fired from McDonald's, you might as well go out Seinfeld-style.

Weekend Update highlights included visits from President Obama, Drunk Uncle, and a gay couple from Maine.

Rihanna broke out the green screen for performances of "Diamonds" and "Stay."

Every wondered what the couple in the famous "American Gothic" picture were really like?

Flaritin, the fake medicine for fake allergies.